We’re in this together.

In every business, there are times and situations where you need a little inspiration or helping hand. Follow us through your favourite social media channel and learn from the experiences of other Motivational Maps professionals.

We also run regular events to get our practitioners together. These are not only educational events but also a fun way to make contact with and share experiences with other practitioners.


We've recently used the Motivational Map services to map all the employees at TDSi. The whole exercise was extremely painless and easy and threw up some interesting results. The upshot is we'll be using the tool to help focus the business along process delivery lines rather than traditional departmental boxes. I'm glad we did it.

John Davies, TDSi

Administrative console

Administrative console

Need help with the Motivational Maps administrative console? Want to customise your Motivational Maps reports for new clients? Contact us and we’ll get you up and running again as quickly as possible.


Events and seminars

  • 10 May 2018
    Introduction Day to Motivational Maps Book

    Budapest, Hungary

    Introduction Day to Motivational Maps in Budapest, Hungary

    Május 10.-én délelőtt szeretettel meghívjuk, hogy bemutassuk a Motivációs Térkép teszt alkalmazási lehetőségeit a motiváció erősítése céljából.

    A délután vendéglátó előadói öten leszünk, annak érdekében, hogy a résztvevők Motivációs Térkép élménye színes és változatos legyen mind azzal az egyéni megközelítéssel kiegészítve, amit mi kaptunk és, amilyen formában a Térképpel kapcsolatos élményeinket, pozitív tapasztalatainkat tovább szeretnénk adni.

  • 11 May 2018
    Making Sales: An Holistic Approach for Coaches Book


    With Bevis Moynan Senior Motivational Maps Practitioner

    More details to follow.

  • 21 Jun 2018
    NLP training for Motivational Map coaches Book


    NLP training with Senior Motivational Map Practitioner Bevis Moynan. Bevis' introduction to NLP is a great accompaniment for existing Motivational Map coaches and anyone else interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming


  • 25 Jun 2018
    Map Training with Aspirin Business Solutions Book


    Aspirin Business Solutions offer a range of Motivational Map training opportunities. There are a variety of courses to suit different needs including group, in house, one to one and online. Susannah Brade-Waring of Aspirin Business Solutions is a Senior Practitioner of Motivational Maps.

    Join them for a group session on June 25th, July 19th or August 2nd 2018

  • 27 Jun 2018
    Map Training with Magenta Coaching 2 days Book


    Magenta Coaching are offering a range of Motivational Map training opportunities. There are a variety of courses to suit different needs - including online learning  Bevis Moynan of Magenta Coaching is Senior Practitioner of Motivational Maps

    Next live group LP training 27th and 28th June 2018 and 14th & 15th November 2018

  • 27 Sep 2018
    Motivational Maps Conference Book


    Motivational Maps Conference hosted by Aspirin Business Solutions

    Open to all Motivational Maps Practitioners, Business Leaders, L&D and HR Leaders and Managers, Coaches and Trainers that want to know more about this Unique ISO Accredited tool called Motivational Maps.
    Come and meet likeminded people that are already using Motivational Maps within their businesses to great effect, both with internal clients and external clients.

    The conference will be packed full of the driving force of Motivation including presentations by:
    Senior Motivational Maps Practitioners Susannah Brade-Waring, Bevis Moynan, Jane Thomas, Kate Turner , Carole Gaskell and James Sale, Creator of Motivational Maps.

    Contact heath@aspirinbusiness.com